Sustainable Energy

To meet the energy needs of the future, we offer technical consultancy and EPC services for renewable energy projects.

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Founded in 2015, DEVBU Enerji A.Ş. provides technical consultancy and contracting services for renewable energy projects. We operate to meet the energy needs of the future by increasing the use of renewable resources.

green plant
green plant

Our Services



We provide services in all fundamental aspects in the Renewable Energy Sector. We are ready to be your solution partner.

  • Project Development

  • Technical Detailed Review (Technical Due Diligence)

  • Employer Engineering Services

  • Lender Engineering

  • Design, Permit and Contract Review

  • Contract Negotiation Support (EPC, TSA, eBOP, cBOP and PPAs)

  • Engineering and Design

  • Project Management

  • Construction Site Management

  • Purchasing and Construction Management

  • Network Connection

  • Project Implementation

  • Commissioning, Testing and Delivery

As Devbu Enerji, we ensure that the facility is commissioned by completing procedures such as ideally designing the system, managing permit applications and approval processes, within the pre-planned work schedule.

  • Environmental and Social Impact Studies

  • Proposal Evaluation Support

  • Contract Management

  • Financial Modeling

  • Construction Monitoring

  • OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) Audit

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Due Diligence (Detailed Review)

Wind energy has high potential as a natural and sustainable resource. Therefore, we are building a cleaner future thanks to the RES Projects we carry out. The energy provided by wind turbines is connected to the electrical grid and used to light our homes, businesses and communities. In this way, we reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and offer solutions to problems such as environmental pollution and climate change.

Solar Power Plants (SPP)

blue solar panel boards
blue solar panel boards


We offer EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and consultancy services in the field of renewable energy. We convert the energy obtained from the sun into electrical energy with solar energy panels in our projects. In addition, we also offer consultancy services on the design, installation and maintenance of solar energy systems. We provide our customers with expertise and support to increase solar energy efficiency, reduce electricity costs and reduce environmental impacts.

silhouette of wind mill during golden hour
silhouette of wind mill during golden hour

Wind Power Plants (WPP)

aerial photography of body of water
aerial photography of body of water

Hydroelectric Power Plants (HEPP)

Our HEPP projects, which we carry out to convert the energy we obtain from the power of water into electrical energy and leave a cleaner world for the future, are completed with our EPC and Consultancy Services from beginning to end. Our professional teams manage and coordinate all processes from project planning to design and construction stages. Thanks to our HEPP projects, we both meet the energy needs and produce energy in a way that respects nature.

Invest in Your Future.

Reduce your electricity costs and save money.


  • ATA Tohum 0.5 MW Solar Power Plant – Development & EPC

  • BGES 1-3-3 MW Solar Power Plant – Development

  • İğdeli Solar Power Plant 1-2-2 MW – Development

  • Gürel 5 MW Solar Power Plant 1-5 – Development

  • Gedikaltı 4 MW Solar Power Plant 1-4 – Development

  • Sinanpaşa 6 MW Solar Power Plant 1-6 – Development

  • Bulca 12 MW Solar Power Plant 1-12 – Development

  • Gediz 8 MW Solar Power Plant 1-8 – Development

Solar (SPP)

Our Ata Tohum Solar Power Project

Our customer produces his own electricity with our rooftop solar power plant (SPP) project that we developed and constructed for ATA Tohumculuk A.Ş. The power plant, which we commissioned in March 2023, produced over 440 MWh of energy.

  • Burkina Faso Solar Power Plant 34 MW - Development

  • Koulikoro (Mali) Solar Power Plant 30 MW - Development

  • Petrodolinski (102 MW) - Petroverivka (43 MW) - Maydanivka (90 MW) - Development

  • Chernivtsi (10 MW) - Resols (5 MW) (Ukraine) Solar Power Plant - Development

  • Kinshasa (DRC) Solar Power Plant 100 MW - Development

  • Liberia Solar Power Plant 36 MW - Development

  • 3 Solar Project, Palestine - Development

  • YEKA 500 MW GES-3 – Tender Preparation

Wind (WPP)

  • Kale 1-2 120 MW, 50 MV RES – Development

  • Gök – Güney 27,5 MW RES – Development

  • Sares 27,5 MW RES Geliştirme – Execution, Operation and Trade

  • Dağpazarı 39 MW RES – Operation

  • İstanbul 200 MW RE – Development

  • Tülin 20 MW RES – Development

  • Ömer 30 MW RES – Development

  • Şule 60 MW RES – Development

  • Şengül 40 MW RES – Development

  • Bertuğ 30 MW RES – Development

  • Gülcan 30 MW RES – Development

  • Hasanoba 51 MW RES – Development

  • Karadağ 10 MW RES Development – Execution -Operation and Trade

  • Bereketli 30 MW RES – Development - Construction Asset Management - Electricity Trading

  • Kırkağaç 45 MW RES – Development

  • Yeniköy 15 MW RES – Development

  • Marmara 10 MW RES – Development and Executive

  • Evrencik 120 MW RES – Development

  • Üçpınar 99 MW RES – Development

  • Denizli 66 MW RES – Development

  • Kocalar 26 MW RES- Development


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